The company is active in providing services in other areas including the preparation of development charges studies and by-laws under the Development Charges Act; planning fees studies; operational reviews and municipal restructuring studies; corporate and strategic plans; recreational trails planning; master planning for snow disposal; land use planning policies; regulatory controls and strategies for groundwater (source) protection; and building administration studies (review of building permit fees, preparing building by-laws and codes of conduct).  


Tunnock Consulting Ltd. (established 1988), based in North Bay, Ontario, provides a variety of professional consulting services to municipalities (95%) and the  private sector (5%) across Ontario. These services include primarily Community Planning consisting of the preparation of Official Plans, Zoning By-laws, site plan and subdivision agreements, community improvement plans and the review of planning applications for development proposals.

The company is the Planner-of-Record for some 20 municipalities. For the private sector, the company undertakes urban design projects, principally subdivisions, as well as Ontario Municipal Board cases. Staff of the company have appeared on numerous occasions before the Ontario Municipal Board in providing expert opinion or testimony. 


Pembroke Zoning By-law